List Of Top Antivirus Softwares You Should Install

List Of Top Antivirus Softwares You Should Install

Day by day a lot of malware attacks and virus attacks is increasing and unless if your system is not protected, you will going to face the consequences. 


Wanna Cry have been the recent entry in the list of vulnerable attacks.


Any way to protect our systems, we need some high performance and high quality antivirus.


In this post, you are going to get a list of some of the best antivirus software’s available in the industry.


Note: This is not related to help desk software. Only antivirus lists are described here.


So, let’s have a look into it.


Bit defender Total Security




Price: $54.99 (1 year)

$89.99 (2 years)

$120 (3 years)


This tool has new features which can eventually protect the users from emerging threats like ransomwares.


Bit defender is an ultimate security package for Mac OS, windows and Android. It has best protection like, Webcam Protection, Safe Online Banking, File Shredder and Password Manager.


Norton Security Deluxe




Price:$89.99 (1 year)

$109.99 (2 years)


Major advantage of this software is that by analysing the behaviour of applications, it can detect the behaviour of malware.


Here, the web activity is protected by using tools like integrated password manager.  The browser option available helps to prevent the malware from major vulnerabilities.


File clean up facility helps to clean temporary files in the system


Kaspersky Total security




Price: $59.99 (1 year)

$119.99 (2 years)


One of the major advantage of this tool is that you can add all banking and financial websites.


There is a data vault facility available which can protect your files from ransomware. This is secured by NSA-approved AES-256 encryption.


Mcafee Total Protection





Price:  $89.99 (1 year)


Buying this mcafee protection antivirus helps you to subscribe to Intel’s’  true key password manager.


Award winning antivirus scanner and web / email protection associated with this makes it different from other antivirus tools.


The web advisor tool scans the download for malicious payloads and note down suspicious urls. There is alo an antispam module associated with this.  


AVG Ultimate




Price:  $99.99 per year


There is a web tuneup function associated with this which helps in tuning web browsing.


In this AVG Ultimate antivirus, there is also an option to make the applications sleep.  


There is a link scanner and real time outbreak protection which keeps safe from dangerous websites and uses crowd intelligence.


Avast Premier




Price:  $79.99 (1 year)

$149.99 (2 years)


This software has got an inbuilt sand box which is accessible by the user. This is one of the major peculiarity of Avast.


This feature enables you to run your suspect downloads in a safe environment. Ransomware shield has been added recently to this software makes it a choosable one among others.


The inbuilt password manager associated with this software helps you to store notes. If you are focussing on identifying malware and it’s destructions, you can definitely opt this one.


Share your thoughts on using these software’s below. If there is any other Antivirus software’s you use,  then let us know. Keep sharing.


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