Best Free Bulk Email Marketing Services Software For Small Businesses


Best Free Bulk Email Marketing Services Software For Small Businesses


Did you ever thought about how to send bulk email without spamming and tried looking for an email sending service? 


Then, you have came across the right place:


Here we are introducing some of the best bulk email programs which can help you to send mails and save thousands of dollars rather than investing in email marketing services.


Even though there evolved other marketing techniques, email marketing is still the important one to market your products and services to mass audiences.


There are some outstanding email capture tools also to enhance the efforts you are making in email marketing.


It’s a part of marketing activity to send mails regarding product promotions, product launch and offers to customers.


So, the need for these bulk email marketing service software is significant.


Now, let’s check out the list of some of the important email blast software:

Send Blaster


Send blaster has got some significant features which includes the following:


  • Flexible to create newsletters and manages lists directly.


  • Have a cloud email tracking service.


  • This is not only a mass email software, but also has the flexibility of a bulk email web service.



  • An award winning email marketing software for small and medium businesses.


  • Helps to send personalized mass emails


  • Mimics manual sending, automatic ip switcher, click reports are the most promising features.

Mail Chimp


  • Most popular email software in the world.


  • Helps to send marketing emails, automated messages, targeted campaigns etc.


  • Offers a detailed report to review the performance.



  • This is considered as the best one for email marketing and sms campaigns.


  • Available in multiple languages


  • Can integrate with ecommerce and cms tools


  • Very useful to design mobile friendly emails, manage contact lists, optimize campaigns.


Did you tried any of these tools? Let us know your feedback.


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