Best Video Editing Tools You Should Try In 2018

 Best Video Editing Tools You Should Try In 2018


It’s not a difficult criteria to create videos, if you get the support of some excellent video creation tools.

With the help of some free best professional video editing software, you can create some awesome videos.


With the help of the following tools, you can create excellent videos which can attract audience and makes them convert to customers for your business.


All major brands use these video techniques to attract and enhance their loyal customers.


So, let’s check out some of the video editing and creation tools here:






Animoto is one among the best tool for creating videos. Although it’s a paid tool, it’s free version is also available.


This is suitable for any kind of business.  A free account can be created in Animoto using a facebook account or just signup using your mail.


You have options to watch preview of videos and choose the templates here.


You can add your own contents by choosing a storyboard.


You don’t need to be an expert designer to create videos using this.


Try Animoto






Animaker is the animated video creation platform.


The best feature of Animaker is it’s drag and drop interface.


Animated videos have a wide range of marketing scope.


So, all big brands are focussing on animated videos to sell their products or to create brand awareness among the audience.


This platform is suitable for any business types. You can create here using facebook or google account.


There are various categories and templates available here to create videos. There are also wide range of animated characters and icons available.


The major advantage of this tool is that you can create videos for instagram also.


Try Animaker Tool Here






This is an easy and free tool to create videos.


While comparing with other video creation tools, it has almost 16 themes available.


You can create an account here using facebook, google or by other mails.


There are options available to add music to your videos. Different audio files are available here to select music from.


Try StupeFlix


It doesn’t depends whether you are a beginner or an experienced person. You can try all video editing software in android, pc, or windows. You can also download the full version and use it accordingly.


Are you using any of these tools? Did you tried any other tools?


Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. We will be updating more tools.



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