Ultimate Content Marketing Tools For Bloggers

ultimate content marketing tools


Content marketing is one of the most important aspect in digital marketing.


It is gaining much popularity among marketers. Google has already started giving prominence to high quality contents.


Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and highly preferred content marketing tools among marketers.


Buzz Sumo




Buzz Sumo is one of the most efficient content marketing tool. This is very helpful for bloggers to identify the most popular articles on social medias so that they can plan and create their own articles.


You can also identify the top influencers in your blog niche to promote your product with the help of buzz sumo.


This tool can be used very simply. Just enter the keyword you want to search for in the search box and it will retrieve all useful results.


You can also filter the content by mostly shared content in previous week, previous month, year etc.


Social Pilot




If you want to share your content across social media channels, then here is the right tool for you.


Social pilot can help you to share content across instagram, pinterest, twitter  and popular social media channels.


You can schedule your posts and make it recurring with the help of social pilot.






To make your content marketing efforts to reach next level, you can make use of this tool.


This is the most used and common one among professional bloggers and pioneers in this field.


The major advantage of this tool is that you can publish your content anytime and anywhere effortlessly.


Hemingway Editor




This can be considered as one of the best content marketing guide in the market.


Before you post or publish a content, you can make use  of this tool to identify the errors and fix the problems. This will also give you appropriate tips and suggestions for you.


The readability score provided by this tool helps you to evaluate your content.


After following the suggestions provided by the tool, you can definitely make sure that your content is the best and it is free from errors.


High readability score indicates your content is the best.


Did you tried any of these content marketing tools?

Or else did you tried any other?

Comment your opinions and views below. We will update new ones based on your suggestions.


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