Free Automated Social Bookmarking Submission Tool

Free Automated Social Bookmarking Submission Tool



You all know the importance of social bookmarking sites list in the field of digital and internet marketing.


We hope that you all have a good idea of some basic social bookmarking sites.


It’s a laborious task to build backlinks from the thousands of social bookmarking sites to get backlinks or website traffic.


Although there are a wide variety of social bookmarking software and social bookmarking tools available, we need to get the support of the best ones to get the desired results.


Although automation tools are not good for seo in general, it’s better to use some expert and high performance tools to makes you work smarter. 

This automated tool list consists of free a well as paid options.


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So, let’s check out some of the best automated social bookmarking tools to make your bookmarking effort much easier:




social adr-free-automated-socialbookmarking-submission-tool


This tool is easy to use and it is much based on credit system.


This is one among the best and top rated free automated social bookmarking submission tool.


The major advantage of this tool is that you can not only submit bookmarks but also can bookmark others.


You will get a credit if you submit another bookmark. More credits will be added if your bookmark is shared by others.

It’s very simple to use.



Social Marker


social marker-free-automated-socialbookmarking-submission-tool


This is a browser based and semi automated marketing software.


It helps you to submit bookmarks to almost all social bookmarking sites.


This is very easy to use such that you just create accounts in all social bookmarking sites and you can use the option of drag and drop.



Only Wire


only wire-free-automated-socialbookmarking-submission-tool


This is the tool for those who are using word press platforms.


If you have a wordpress blog, then you can install this plugin.This helps you to automatically submit your post and bookmarking.


This tool help you in automatic submission to more than forty five websites including social network, social bookmarking and web 2.0


You can create a free account now and try it out for free.


Rather than spending time for searching free social bookmarking submission in online, get the support of above mentioned auto social bookmarking submitted and achieve the results you want.


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If you feel that these tools makes your work much easier, then share your opinion and views with us.


If you are using some other tools, then share your comments in our comment box below.


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