Most Useful and Recommended Free Seo Firefox Extensions


Most Useful and Recommended Free Seo Firefox Extensions

If you are a seo geek and doing seo activities, you definitely need some tools to make your work go smoother and smarter.


Rather than concentrating on hard work, you have to concentrate on smart work.  


Here are some excellent seo extensions for those who are using firefox browser.


We also had published an article regarding seo extensions for google chrome.


So, let’s have a look at the extensions:


Foxy Seo Tool




This is free add on for the firefox browser.


To get the seo statistics for a website you are currently using, you can try this extension. This helps you to get all relevant details from a website regarding the seo.


This tool provides external links to the statistic and will not provide links through the direct website.


Install Foxy SEO Free


SEO Analysis




By using this SEO Analysis plugin, you will be able to get the statistics regarding google page rank, Alexa rank, DMOZ listing, domain registration date, and more.


Install Seo Analysis Free


KGen (Keyword Generator)




This is a useful plugin for those who are associated with keyword research for seo.


This tool helps you to identify which keywords are strong on web pages.


In order to identify your competitors keyword strategy and to improve your content strategy, this is one among the best tool.


Install KGen Free


SEO Doctor



SEO Doctor plugin is useful for both beginners and expert seo professionals.


This tool also helps in easy diagnosis and problem solving.


Based on the seo methodologies, this tool will assign you a score for your page.


This is fully customizable and warns you about pages not fully indexed by search engines.


Install SEO Doctor Free


Are you using other free seo firefox extensions? What’s your review about it?


share your thoughts with us.


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