Top Free Help Desk Software For Education




As the name implies, help desk usually helps you whenever problems arises. We used to rely on help desks to solve our problems related to technical issues.


If there are any complicated issues, we may get the support of any customer support service software.


Note: Don’t compare these software with the existing¬†top antivirus software’s lists. They work differently.

What Is A Help Desk Software?


These are software specially implemented to keep the customers satisfied. It generally enables the companies to solve various concerns raised by the customers.


This can be done efficiently by managing tickets from receipt to resolution.


Internal Help Desk Software


In order to manage your various internal issues such as IT issues, various kinds o\f admin related cases, employees queries etc. you can use internal help desk software.


These internal help desk software is mainly used for different internal operations in an organization.


Major software of this kind works by integrating a help desk ticketing system. This helps to solve issues and cases within an organization.


This internal knowledge base software helps to make you full control over your internal issues like better utilization of admin services, support staff.


This internal help desk software also helps in increased operational productivity, reducing the overall cost and effort.


A well structured internal software also helps to streamline proper and effective communication across the teams.

Higher Education Help Desk Software


To overcome various IT support challenges in schools, colleges and universities, we used to implement these help desk software for education.


To manage the assets handled by the educational institute properly, these software is very useful to us.


This makes the job of IT admin very easily. If an educational institution has various branches across the nation, by implementing this software you can manage the assets from multiple locations.


By making use of the centralized system installed in this software, linking and unlinking of the assets can be done very effectively.


Other advantage or feature of this software is it’s best end user support.¬† This software helps the IT staff and end users to solve the IT issues on their own. You can save a significant amount of time and money by making use of this software system.


With the help of automated ticket assignment, routing and escalation associated with this system, you can increase the resolution as well as the productivity time.


K12 Help Desk Software


We hope you all know what is k12. It is commonly referred as the addition of primary as well as secondary education in various countries like United states, India, Canada, South Korea, Philippines, Turkey, Ecuador, Australia, Afghanistan, Egypt and Iran for the publicly supported school grades prior to college.


To manage the overall activities in schools, the k12 help desk software is made use of.


There are various software providers in the market today providing these software.


Major functionalities associated with these k12 help desk software includes unlimited knowledge base, easy to use self services, effortless reporting patterns, easy to track and automate the workflows, best ticket management, email and phone support etc.


This can also handle all department request. It can be from teachers, admins, parents, students, and from third parties. It can also be integrated with G-Suite, Microsoft 365 etc.


Pricing for these help desk software for education varies.


Popular software vendors are offering these software for free trial for half month.


You can also try these software for free with limited functionalities also.





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