Awesome Pinterest Automation Software Tools for Marketers


Awesome Pinterest Automation Software Tools for Marketers


We all are familiar with pinterest. Right?


Is this got so much importance?  Yes of course.


Comparing with help desk software and other tools, pinterest is considered as a search engine and has much importance.


Let’s have a look:


Pinterest is now growing as one of the prominent social media along with facebook, linkedin and twitter.


It’s surprise that more than 50 million active users are there in Pinterest.


Many marketers and inbound specialists are giving much importance to pinterest.


According to a recent survey, it’s women who leads among pinterest users than men.


Many brands have a significant presence in Pinterest. It’s a heavy traffic medium also.


If you track the analytics of a website that has got a pinterest account, you will definitely see the traffic flow from pinterest


(Just creating an account in pinterest will not give huge traffic)


Let’s come into our topic,


As pinterest is growing as a social media, many third party applications are arising to make the best out of this network.


Here we are providing some best pinterest tools which is useful for every online marketers:


Viral Tag


tailwind -pinterest-automation-software


This is absolutely a buffer tool.


Here you can buffer pinterest pins for future publishing. There is a calendar associated with this which you can use it for scheduling your pins.


If you want to track the performance of your pinterest account, there is a dashboard associated with it.


This gives you an overview of the activities and also provides you tips to increase the ROI.


Check Out And Try Viral Tag Here




viralwoot -pinterest-automation-software


To find followers for your pinterest account, ViralWoot is considered as the best one.


As you already know that pinterest consists of boards and pins. To schedule your pins and to get notified you if your pin has gone viral, you can use this tool.


This allows you to handle multiple accounts at a time and also helps in your pin promotion.


Check Out And Try Wiral Woot Here






If you are searching for any tracking tool for pinterest, then we recommend Tailwind to you.


For advanced pinterest analytics, you can use this tool to get an overview of fans, likes and other activities associated with your account.


Content optimization is a great technique in online marketing. You can use this tool to optimize your content and publish according to the most relevant time.


Have you tried any of these tools for pinterest?


Did you tried any other pinterest tool? Share your experience with us in our comment section below.


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