Awesome Tools For Protecting and Stopping Comment Spam In WordPress

Awesome Tools For Protecting and Stopping Comment Spam In WordPress


We use to comment on the top and useful blogs which we read, by sharing your views and opinions right?


But, some site admins are not aware of the facts that almost more than 90% of the comments which they receive is going to be spam.


We are also facing this issue.


Did you know how to deal with these issue?


If you are using wordpress, there are some popular tools which helps you to solve this issue.


Let’ check it out:


WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam


wp-spam shield-protect-stop-comment-spam


This is a free tool which can tackle the spam in comments, registration and signup forms.


This helps to identify the spammers based on ip and blacklist them. The javascript layer associated with this tool also helps to prevent spam from bots.


It also automatically blocks proxy server users.


Clean Talk


clean talk-protect-stop-comment-spam


Clean talk is considered as the best spam protection service available for wordpress.


This usually prevents comment spam, signup form span, registration form spams.


This is a cloud based system where you get the detailed activity and history.


This is a premium tool where the free trial is available for two weeks. $8 per year have to be paid for each domain for paid version.






This is considered as the best tool, which includes a self learning spam detection algorithm.


The comments which are marked as spam can be deleted automatically with this system.


This is free with the installation of wordpress. For non profit as well as for personal blogs, it checks around 50k spams per month.


For commercial websites, you need to pay $5/ month charge.


Anti-spam bee


anti spam bee-protect-stop-comment-spam


This a free plugin for all users. The major speciality of this tool is that it helps you to create a spam detection algorithm.


It helps you in comment blocking. On the dashboard, you will get the details of monthly stats and spam activities encountered.


This plugin is also free from annoying ads.


The above listed are some popular tools to stop wordpress comment spam. There are also other tools available.


Share your thoughts in the comment section below about the tools which you used and their experience.


Please note: Don’t spam in our comments 🙂

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