Best Screen Capturing And Recording Tools You Should Never Miss

Best screen capturing and recording tools

Screen recording tools is very essential for those who used to create how to tutorial videos, taking the screenshots of web pages and also to send bug reports.


Some of these softwares are free to use. Some have a free trial version and some others are premium


So,  let’s have a look at some of the most used and useful screen capturing or recording softwares:






This is considered as the ultimate screen capture tool.


This helps you to create videos of your screenshots. This is ultimately useful for tutors who are taking class using screen recordings.


Using snagit, you can capture anything on your screen.


You can capture your entire desktop, or a specified region which you are focussing or you can record videos.


This tool is also useful for creating images on your own, editing screenshots and building custom graphics.






Pickpick can be considered as an all in one design tool.


This is a full featured screen capture tool with features such as intuitive image editor, color prickle, protractor, color palette, pixel ruler and much more.


This is very useful for newbie designers, software developers and home users.


Snipping Tool




This is a free tool which is really easy to use.


This is a default tool in your windows operating system. You can access this tool very easily in the startup menu of your windows.


You can capture the screen of your pc as a whole or small areas. But.


You can save the image, but can’t record videos as in snagit.


Are you using any of these tools?


How’s your experience while using these tools. Would you like to share other tools?


Share your experience with us in the comment section below.



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