Free Seo Keyword Research Tools

 free seo keyword research tools

Keyword research is an important part of seo. Which keywords you choose and how much effectively you work on these keywords decides your ranking strategies.


Finding keywords is not a simple activity to do. It requires more effort and research skills to find out the keywords.


Are you looking for some of the best free keyword suggestion,keyword  analysis and keyword research tool?


Don’t worry,


 There are a lot of free and premium tools available which helps to make your work easier.


Here, we are introducing some free seo keyword research tools to you. Let’s have a look into it.


Google Keyword Planner





One of the most used and widely popular keyword research tool is this. This is also one among the best google keyword traffic tool.


It is absolutely free to use and is integrated with google adwords tool.


In order to use this tool, you need to sign up with google adwords account.


This tool is recommended for freshers and to those who are in the early stages of keyword researching.


There are limitations in this tool. Because a recent update shows only search volume range of keywords other than the exact keyword search volume count.


Use Free Google Keyword Planner Now 


Keyword Shitter





Keyword shitter is the best Free keyword research tool which helps you to find a lot of long tail keywords.


You just open keyword shitter and enter your keywords in the box provided.


You don’t need to sign up or register and create account here.


You can add any number of keywords. After entering your keywords, press shit keywords button.


There you can a see a lot of keyword recommendations. If you want to stop the recommendations, press stop job button.


Very simple, Isn’t it?


Use Free Keyword Shitter Now


Let’s move to the next one







Another free keyword research tool which is a gem for you. Ubersuggest looks like an upgraded version of keyword shitter.


Here also just enter your keyword. But, you can’t add a bunch of keywords as in keyword shitter.


You just enter a keyword and select your favorite choice from the two drop down list for web, images, youtube, news atc and countries.


After that click suggest button. And you will be provided the keywords in an alphabetical order.


Use Free UberSuggest Now







Here, you just enter keyword and you get suggestions from wikipedia,, youtube, bing, and yahoo.


While comparing with other tools, you will also get ideas to plan content for particular topics from recommendations.


Use Free Soovle Now


These are some of the most preferred keyword research seo tools. If you tried some other free tool for seo, let us know.


Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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