SEO Reporting Software Tools For Clients And Agencies




Normally, reporting is a difficult procedure for those who are working in digital marketing industry.


It’s normal view that during month end, the digital marketing professionals will be extreme busy in the preparation of reports.


Although there are a lot of digital marketing reporting tools, it’s difficult for them to choose the best one.


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Here we are discussing about some of the best SEO reporting software tools for clients as well as for agencies.


How To Make Seo Report For Client


This is a normal question which is asked by all seo newbies.


SEO reports can be varied depending upon the client budget.


Those clients who are spending too much amount for seo need a detailed monthly report.


But, certain clients doesn’t need that.


Most probably they will only bother about website traffic, rankings and conversions they achieved for their

website by doing seo.


Sample SEO Report for clients


SEO reports can be made in both ways:


–   Using Google Docs (Basic Method)


–    With the help of SEO client management softwares


By making use of google docs, excel sheets, presentation tools we can prepare seo reports for clients.


These reports will consists of the following details:


–       Keyword Ranking Positions.


–      Activities done in a month


(In case if we are sending monthly report, we keep the activities which we done inside the report)


–      Analytics data (Includes website traffic status)


White Label SEO Reporting Tool


This is not a specific name given to a tool like social media tool, ppc tool, etc.


Seo expert’s or professionals work load will be less if they have only one or two clients to manage.


But, if they need to handle around 10 clients at a time, it will be a difficult task for them to prepare the seo


reports manually.


If you are working on high paying clients, then we need to send high quality professional seo reports to them.


White label seo reporting tools generally includes the data like social media marketing analytics, performance


reporting and search traffic that a client usually expects from the agency, or from a company.


This is similar to agency analytics, which is a reporting platform for marketing agencies which helps the


businesses by generating reports and dashboards for seo audits, mobile apps, social analytics etc.


This also helps the users to monitor multiple campaigns from various channels.

Raven Tools


Raven is one among of the top tool which is very useful to perform the following activities like:


–       Automated Reports


–       Site Audits


–        Back link Data



How Raven Helps SEO Professionals?


Automated marketing reports provided by raven will be helpful to save the reporting time which you waste.


Raven tools help you to make not only custom as well as comprehensive seo reports, but also social and ppc


marketing reports in short time. You can also schedule the reports to be weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.


Raven is not only considered as a reporting tool, but also a tool which is helpful for the seo professionals to


lessen the burden of their work.


Raven helps to find and fix seo problems.


The site auditor tool provided by raven crawl and analyze the website totally for any technical errors.


This supports google’s latest requirements such as page speed and mobile UX.


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