An Ultimate List Of Social Media Tools For Education




Contribution of technology in educational field has been significant from time immemorial.


Benefits of social media in education has been great.


It helps to connect teachers and students to share knowledge each other.


How can social media tools help in education?


Let’s have a look:




In order to assist you in enhancing the learning capabilities outside the school, this free social networking is

very useful.


This is useful to educators and teachers.




This is a comprehensive network for educational organizations, students, professionals.


Major advantage of this network is that it incorporates all educational requirements from scholarships,


courses all the essential commodities you require for you studying.




The TedEd project is mainly aimed at educators and students.


It covers a wide variety of topics like science, technology, health, psychology.


Major focus of Ted is on short video lessons. This is really useful to teachers as well as students.


New topics are always introduced in Ted To inspire and excite the learners.




Academia is mainly targeted to academic researchers.


Major advantage is that users can follow the research in the area of their interest, they can share their papers


and monitor their effect on research.


A positive outcome of academia is that papers uploaded by the users have got high percentage of boost in






Edublog is one among the largest blogging platform which focuses entirely on education blogs.


Since blogs termed as one of the major medium of communication between teachers and students, Edublog


has got great significance.


This consists of various blogs written by teachers based on education and education policies.




This network or tool not only connects students and teachers, but also connect parents.


This tool helps to make the learning easy and much effective.


You can get the access of this tool via online as it’s available in Android, iOS versions.


Communication and coaching is the primary focus of this EdModo.


Teachers can easily build relationships with students as well as with their parents for making knowledge


sharing process much easier.


Teacher Tube:


Teacher Tube is similar to Youtube.


Here, you get all updates related to education. Videos are nicely categorized into various sections like videos


for teachers, students, Math, Science, History etc.


There are various useful tabs in the menu section Audios, docs, groups, on demand etc.




One of the major advantage of LabRoots is that you will be able to access hundreds of scientific news feeds


and millions of documents.


This is actually a social networking site dedicated to scientists, engineers and technical professionals.


It helps you stay connected with your colleagues and peers.


Did you know any other social media tools for education?


Share your opinions in the comment section below.







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