Twitter Automation Tools Every Marketers Should Try

Twitter Automation Tools Every Marketers Should Try


Twitter is a well known social media platform which everyone use. Major brands, persons and companies have a presence in twitter.


Here we are introducing some useful third party twitter applications which will be useful for every online marketers and social media geeks.


These are very useful tools for every internet marketers for making the most out of this network, to increase the followers on twitter, sales etc.


Let’s check out these tools:






The major speciality of this tool is that it’s a certified twitter product. This is available for all users.


Beginners as well as pro twitter users can use this tool with much ease. You can find more twitter users, follow and unfollow various users using this.


Here you can also make use of right time to tweet the users for achieving maximum CTR.


If you want to schedule your tweet and automate the things, this tool is the best one for you.


You can set the welcome and thanks message when someone follows your account with the help of this.


You can create free account here which helps you to engage with almost 20 people.


Manage Flitter




This can be considered as an intelligent tool for twitter users. It is useful for smart twitter users.


Powerpost is a unique feature of this tool. This helps you to schedule your post for getting the best engagement.


If you want to follow all inactive twitter accounts, it can be done easily using this. Advanced analytics feature is also associated with this Manageflitter.


Social OOmph




This tool can be considered as a swiss army knife. This has got enormous features.


Some of the features associated with this tool is that:


This helps to send recurring tweets


Helps to follow new twitter accounts


Helps to delete all DM or tweets


Helps to send DM to new followers automatically


This tool has got both free and paid version, which means some features are paid and some are free. You have to pay for using premium features of this tool.


But, this is the mostly preferred tool among internet marketers.


Have you tried any of these twitter tools? Or else are you using any other tools?


How’s your experience by using these?


Share your experience in the comment section below.


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